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The Alchemy of Sound & Kundalini Yoga Academy

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What is it that you seek?

Kundalini, is the energy of life itself. When it’s flowing optimally we can live lit up, firing on all cylinders, embodying our greatness

​If you seek to create a difference in the world and experience a transformational shift in your life, our Kundalini Teacher Training is the path for you. Our trainings are inclusive and personalized, guiding you from where you are now to the person you were always meant to become.

Our Teacher training approach weaves ancient Kundalini meditations, breathwork, and mantra with both traditional and modern practices of sound healing and kirtan, creating a dynamic experience tailored to meet you exactly where you are. Awaken your inner wisdom and radiance with us.  Our training empowers you with the knowledge and skills to inspire and guide others on their yoga journey. You will learn to cultivate a deeper connection with yourself, enabling you to create positive change in your life and the lives of those around you.

Discover Your True Self 

Connect with Community


​ Join us in a journey toward excellence, truth, connection, and joy. Our training encompasses all the essential elements to transform any sense of stuck-ness into expansion, healing, and personal empowerment. This training is not just about learning to teach yoga; it's about your own transformation. You will develop emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and the ability to navigate life's challenges with grace and resilience.

Become a part of our ever-growing community of passionate teachers and dedicated practitioners.

Give yourself the gift of deepening your practice through immersive retreats, transformative workshops, and comprehensive teacher training programs.

Embrace the opportunity to connect, heal, and grow with us.

Your path to inner radiance and wisdom begins here.

Yes our training is Yoga Alliance Accredited 
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The Alchemy of Sound & Kundalini Yoga Academy we promote an expansive and inclusive approach to the practice, teaching, and interpretation of the sacred science of Kundalini Yoga.

As an open-source conscious community of progressive Kundalini practitioners and yoga professionals, we embrace diversity and innovation in our journey.

Our mission is to educate and inspire by sharing Yogic techniques and experiences that help you unlock your hidden potential and thrive in life.

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Embrace Your Journey to Freedom and Fulfillment

 Our foundational Yoga Alliance Certified 100-HR Training, explore a comprehensive curriculum of Kundalini meditation, pranayama and Sound Healing & Mantra. Acquire tools to deepen and expand your practice, develop your skill, voice, and confidence as a teacher.

What you will receive

 ✔️ ​​​Expert guidance,  learn from experienced, passionate & compassionate instructors who are dedicated to your                growth and success. Our teachers bring decades of mastery and a deep commitment to the transformative power       of yoga.

✔️ Upon graduation be qualified to teach, this is a Yoga Alliance accredited Teacher Training.

✔️ Engage daily in practices that increase your ability as a teacher & to be able to also these principles to your own             practice, life, and teaching.

✔️ Take your practice and life to a new level of mastery & ALIGN with your purpose

✔️ Through a interactive balance of experiential & theory you will understand the process and guidelines of Kundalini         Meditation, Pranayama, Mantra & Sound.

✔️ Do you crave face to face training environments with support, connection and the accountability of graduating                with a network of like-minded peers.

✔️ Safely explore yogic techniques of meditation, pranayama & mantra that help awaken Kundalini energy.

✔️ Your own comprehensive teacher training manual to keep forever, includes Mantras, Meditations & Pranyamas for        you to refer to for your classes

✔️ Participate in LIVE ongoing Q&A zoom sessions with Nirvair & Kavalaya  for additional support

✔️ Connection with a yoga peers, teachers  & community to stay connected along your journey​​.​

✔️ Experience the unique power within Kundalini meditation, mantra, pranayama, sound & devotional practices to               shift blocks & awaken the teacher within.


The first student you will have as a teacher is yourself.

And as the light of one candle can light thousands of candles, 

you must first illuminate your own consciousness.

Awaken your own awareness.

Foundational Training program It's 108 hours of in-person training that you can complete part-time over 6 months.


The Experience 
  • 5-Day Opening Training Immersion in person, Chenrezig Wellness Center with Nirvair & Kavalya, guest teachers, musicians & speakers, includes all Yoga & Sound classes, workshops, philosophy, practums teaching, and Q&A. 

  • 4 X   Full 2 day weekends held at Chenrezig Wellness Center on the Sunshine Coast these are in person weekends with Nirvair & Kavalya, guest teachers, musicians & speakers, includes all Yoga & Sound classes, workshops, philosophy, practums teaching, and Q&A.

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Vegetarian Meals

  • Your personal  hard copy Training Manual

  • Includes all Kundalini Meditation Literature +

  • Access  to all Mantras + Kundalini Yoga Academy, Sanskrit and Gurmuhki Terminology Dictionary

  • Access to all Sound Healing Literature 

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Training Materials
  • All in person days Includes vegetarian lunch from the Big Love Cafe within the grounds of Chenrezig + Morning Tea & afternoon for each day. 

  • Days begin 8.00am end 5.00pm, 1 hour lunch break.

  • ​Access to private Facebook Support group with teaching tips & student & teacher interaction .

  • 5 x Zoom calls -Progression + Follow up &  Integration group meetings with full support from your teachers and trainers.

Upon successful Graduation you will be qualified to teach

• Facilitate Kundalini Meditation Workshops
• Facilitate Mantra & Kirtan song circles
• Kundalini  Pranayama (breath work) Workshops 

• Foundational Sound Healing workshops

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What You Will Walk Away With
Ongoing Support
This training shares the potent practices within Kundalini yoga that swiftly work to dissolve blocks, expand awareness, and develop a clear intuitive mind.
Highlights of Our Teacher Training Program
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 Comprehensive Learning: Master the technical precision through comprehensive learning & subtle dimensions of Kundalini Meditations, Mudra, Bandhas & Pranayama. Dive into the technology of Sound & Mantra, learn how to Develop the skills to guide others as a teacher.


Holistic Education: Gain expertise in intelligent and safe Kundalini Meditations, pranayama techniques, yogic anatomy, and more with our holistic teacher training program. ALIGNING you with your purpose.


Transformative Frequency: Love Sound, Immerse yourself in the transormative power of frequency, mantra and sound healing. Learn to create a conducive environment via the yoga of sound through mantra & chanting.

Teacher Development: Acquire the skills & cultivate the presence of a foundational teacher, understanding the ethical principles of the teacher & dive deep into understanding what it means to hold space. Preparation & planning your classes, effective sequencing for mantra & Sound Healing. 


Personal Growth:  Discover the profound impact of establishing a daily Kundalini sadhana practice. This personal commitment helps you mature and refine a clear, authentic self. By dedicating time each day to your practice, you cultivate inner strength, enhance your self-awareness, and align more deeply with your true essence

Teacher Training Highlights
Pricing & Curriculum
Download Curriculum & Pricing
Your courage right now influences this destiny this is an opportunity to explore the depths of your consciousness to awaken the sleeping presence of your purpose to bring your courage to life.
Full 2025 Curriculum, Pricing & Start date

Nirvair Devi

Founder of The Alchemy of Sound & Kundalini Yoga Academy - Lead Kundalini Teacher Trainer


Nirvair Devi teaches because the practices of Kundalini Yoga have positively transformed every aspect of her life. She is dedicated to pioneering a new way of being in this Aquarian Age.

This commitment has led her to embrace and teach the ancient technologies of Kundalini Yoga, Mantra, Rebirthing, Breathwork, and Meditation. With over a decade of mastery in these modalities, she developed The Alchemy of Sound & Kundalini Yoga Academy, a space for healing and learning. By laying the foundation and methodology of these teachings, she has created safe spaces for learning for students and teachers around the world.

The Alchemy of Sound & Kundalini Yoga Academy combines the ancient practices of Kundalini Yoga with Sound and Mantra. Frequency and Mantra play an integral role in their Teacher Trainings, seamlessly woven throughout each module. When you hold the key to sharing these Sacred Sounds, they can flow through every class you teach, providing deep cellular regeneration benefits for your students.

Transformation comes from within, and Nirvair Devi and the team guide you on this experiential journey of transformation and emotional intelligence. Through their Teacher Trainings, you will gain a deep understanding of the tools that will elevate you and enable you and your future students to co-create a more beautiful and harmonious life for themselves and others.


Parvinder Singh

Mantra Lead Teacher Trainer


Parvinder has spent his entire life dedicated to the ancient teachings of Gurmukhi, Japji, the Naad (essence of all sound), and Mantra. He delivers these teachings in a profoundly moving and heart-opening way, possessing extensive knowledge of Mantra and Sound and a deep compassion for humankind.


His studies began as a boy with the Bekik, and he later received teachings from the Santokhi. Yogi Bhajan, recognizing the rare knowledge Parvinder possessed, spotted him doing Seva at the Golden Temple. This recognition led Parvinder to teach for 11 years at the Miri Piri School in India, where some of his notable students included Nirinjan Kaur and Chardhi Kala Jatha Khalsa.


Parvinder continues to share his vast knowledge worldwide, offering his extensive knowledge of Mantra teachings through the world. 


Alongside Nirvair, Parvinder leds the International Yatras across India for many years, guiding countless souls on their spiritual journeys. Their collaboration has created transformative experiences, helping participants deepen their spiritual practice and connect with their inner selves. Through these journeys, Parvinder's wisdom and compassionate guidance have inspired and uplifted many, fostering a sense of unity and spiritual growth

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Co Founder of The Alchemy of Sound & Kundalini Yoga Academy - Lead Sound Teacher Trainer

Kavalya's journey in understanding the healing power of sound began at an early age. She realized that music is more than just a modality that invokes strong emotions; it is also an extremely powerful healing tool. Her fascination with sound, vibration, and their effects on the body and mind led her to study & master the transformational modality of Sound and Vibrational Therapy.


Spending time in India led Kavalya into the practice of mantra and Indian music. Her passion for traditional Indian instruments like the sitar and santoor deeply touched her heart. Kirtan now plays a significant role in her life. Kirtan and chanting, integral parts of bhakti yoga, are about devotion. When everyone chants together, it brings deep feelings of bliss, connection, and community, kirtan is a medicine of its own.


Her continued interest in the power of the mind and body as their own healers has expanded her healing modalities to include Plant Medicine, Zenthai Shiatsu, Osho Meditations, Breathwork, and Qi Gong.


By incorporating Sound as Medicine into these other healing modalities, Kavalya helps others delve deeper into the healing vibration, enabling them to truly become their own healers, naturally.



Lee Hardisty 

Sound & Philosophical Foundations Teacher


Lee Hardisty is a multi-instrumentalist, Kundalini Yoga teacher, and Zenthai therapist with a passion for healing and transformation through music and movement. 

Known for his down-to-earth teaching approach and open heart, Lee is famously recognized for his incredible musical looping abilities & Is a multi instrumentalist.


Lee's journey into the world of Kundalini Yoga began with his studies at the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI), his exceptional musical talents quickly set him apart. 


In addition to his accomplishments in yoga and music, Lee is philosopher of the wonders of life.

His holistic approach to life and learning is evident in his diverse skill set and the deep connections he forms with his students.


With a commitment to fostering personal growth and spiritual awakening, Lee continues to inspire and uplift those around him through his unique blend of talents and heartfelt dedication to his craft.

Ellie Hurlock

Anatomy & Physiology Specialist Trainer

We are thrilled to welcome Ellie Hurlock, Ellie's extensive background in musculoskeletal expertise makes her a highly sought-after practitioner and educator. She is an exceptional physiotherapist with over 15 years of experience, & loves nothing more then to share her expertise with our yoga teacher trainees. 

Ellie is passionate about sharing her knowledge with yoga students, helping them understand the importance of anatomy in their practice. With her extensive knowledge, compassionate care, and commitment to continuous learning, Ellie Hurlock is dedicated to empowering yoga teacher trainees with a deep understanding of anatomy and physiology, enriching their journey towards becoming exceptional yoga teachers.

FAQ Got Questions
  • Will I be Qualified to Teach Yoga After Completing This Program?
    Yes, once you have completed all the program requirements and assessments, you will receive a certificate of completion from the The Alchemy of Sound & Kundalini Yoga Academy, stating that you are qualified teacher trained in a program accredited by Yoga Alliance. This certification will allow you to teach anywhere in Australia and internationally, ensuring you are fully trained and appropriately qualified to teach upon completion of the course requirements. If you choose not to complete the full course requirements, you will not receive an accredited certificate to teach. However, this course is often undertaken by individuals who simply wish to deepen their personal practice of yoga without the intention of teaching. Many of these students eventually decide to teach, making it worthwhile to complete all course components to keep your options open.
  • I'm a beginner is the training suitable?
    Yes absolutely! Our training is designed to accommodate all levels, including beginners. Whether you are new to Kundalini Yoga and Meditation or looking to deepen your practice, this program provides the foundational knowledge and tools you need to succeed. Everyone is welcome on this transformative journey.
  • Is this Kundalini Yoga & Meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan?
    Yes, Nirvair Devi is a KRI-trained Kundalini Kundalini Yoga teacher. She delivers Kundalini Yoga and Meditations as she received them during her time of studying with practitioners and the Kundalini Yoga Research Institute. While this training is not officially a KRI training, we remain true to the lineage of Kundalini Yoga, the delivery may vary, but the teachings have not been altered. The Alchemy of Sound & Kundalini Yoga Academy certification offers the same Yoga Alliance approved certification as KRI.
  • What happens if I cannot attend this course any longer?
    Refunds will not be granted automatically after the course has started. We expect that you have carefully chosen your teacher training journey and your commitment before enrolling. You will be responsible for a $1,000 non-refundable deposit plus the total costs of all retreats and attunements received up to the date of your withdrawal. If your course fees are paid in full and you wish to pause your enrollment, you will retain access to the learning portal and be offered a place in the next training session. However, we cannot guarantee specific dates and access to future trainings.
  • Can I take a payment Plan?
    Yes- For this information please go to the tab where it mentions curriculum & pricing there you will find all the information about our payment plan options.
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