Come home, on a journey of the soul to mother india with your community. Lead by Parvinder Singh Khalsa and  Nirvair Devi


Parvinder has spent his entire life dedicated to the ancient teachings of Gurmukhi, Japji, the Naad, (essence of all sound) and Mantra, he delivers the teachings in a most profound, deeply moving, heart opening way.

His studies begun as a boy, with the Bekik, he then went on to receive the teachings from the Santokhi, and was then educated for many years in Sufism & Islam. Later, Yogi Bhajan spotted him doing Seva at the Golden Temple, and he instinctively knew the knowledge which had been bestowed upon Parvinder is given to very few. So, Yogi Bhajan sent him to Miri Piri, where Parvinder taught for eleven years. Some of his students have been Nirinjan Kaur & Chardhi Kala Jatha Khalsa. Parvinder continues to offer his vast knowledge of the teachings & travels worldwide to share them. He has been leading yatra in his hometown of Amritsar/India for many years, he also works educating underprivileged women & supports the orphans in remote villages in India, he is a teacher with extensive knowledge & deep compassion for humankind.


Nirvair Devi begun practicing Kundalini yoga back in 2013. Nirvair has successfully completed KRI Kundalini yoga teacher training under Guru Dass, who trained directly with Yogi Bhajan. She has recently returned from extensive travels overseas where she was deeply immersed in the practice of Kundalini Yoga & she continued honing her Kundalini yoga training through ongoing Level 2 KRI accredited Kundalini yoga teacher training modules. She spent much time in India & studied with a Parvinder Singh Khalsa who works closely with the sound of the naad /Mantra. Nirvair Devi is passionate about helping everyone achieve their best from life, through Kundalini yoga practice you can learn how to release & effectively manage stress & anxiety, these are side effects of the transition into the Aquarian age. Kundalini yoga can help you align to the universal flow, tune into you, be present & open up to living as your true self, Sat Nam.


I am a radical truth seeker, my soul purpose is that of connection, guiding souls through the teachings of Kundalini Yoga home to their true authentic selves.


Over the years of walking this path I have continued honing knowledge of Kundalini yoga, through ongoing Kundalini Yoga teacher trainings, Yoga Therapy, Sound healing, Rebirthing, Breathwork. I work with layers of modalities Somatic movement, dance & Osho meditations, Sound healing, music & chanting mantra are intrinsically tied to my classes.


I use sacred sound healing instruments throughout my classes, playing the gong, bowls, harmonium & the medicine drum & many more.


Staying in a heart centred place is integral to me, & it takes courage this work, we all have stories & healing work to be done as individuals & as a collective. There’s a cracking open that’s occurring within all of us that is irrefutable. 

A part of you KNOWS this, and feels the ever-increasing intensity of the drumbeat.

 Be guided on your path of personal transformation & emotional intelligence, gain a deep understand of the tools which will elevate you & which will enable you to co-create a more beautiful harmonious life for yourself & others.