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Discover more about Nirvair Devi

It was through my own healing journey, & the intense longing to recall my connection to source, spirit, to spiritual family, community, that led me to become a Kundalini Yoga teacher.

My gifts are that of connection & healing, via the modalities of Kundalini yoga, Sound Healing, Mantra, Breathwork & Meditation. Over the years I have continued the journey of honing knowledge of Kundalini yoga, & healing modalities via ongoing various Teacher Trainings, Breathwork, Rebirthing, Yoga Therapy, Sound healing, Tantric practices, Somatic movement & Osho meditations.


 I facilitate workshops & Immersions throughout Australia & the world, I am currently based in the Sunshine Coast. I also lead Kundalini Yoga Spirit Journeys; these Yogic journeys are held around the world at sacred sights, where I offer a deep dive into Kundalini Yogic & Sound experiences.

It was the listening to my heart and following my dream, which lead me to create Kundalini Yoga Spirit Journey's, I realised the importance of sangat coming together & embarking on these deep journeys of soul. That sometimes we need to momentarily step away to open deeper into our truth, to meditate in ancient surroundings, to sit in silence in the mountains & to laugh & dance under the stars.


Sound healing, Music & Mantra are intrinsically tied to my classes, I utilise the tools of Breath & sound healing throughout my classes, playing the gong, crystal bowls, harmonium & the medicine drum. 


Staying in a heart centred place is of real importance to me, & it takes courage this work, we all have stories & healing work to be done. So we all keep peeling back the layers & reminding ourselves to drop the old conditioning & to daily walk the path of Aquarian age, the spiritual path. For me that is to share these teachings , connect, uplift & serve.

Kundalini Yoga uses active and passive asana-based kriyas, pranayama, mantra & meditation which target the whole body system to develop awareness, consciousness and spiritual strength.
Kundalini Yoga focuses on self-awareness and delivering an experience of your highest consciousness