Discover more about the Yatra and Parvinder Khalsa, and Nirvair Devi share

their inspiration to bring this unique experience to you.

In the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, the 8th pauri gives the power to be the perfect sage if we can deeply listen. Guru Nanak said when we deeply listen we can merge into the vibration of a siddha – a master who has achieved spiritual perfection, a yogi, someone who has great capacity to meditate. It is said, by deeply listening the knowledge of all things can come to us.  We begin to understand the oceans, the lands, the multitudes of people and the fear of death no longer scares us. Guru Nanak believed, when we truly listen we are forever in bliss - suni-ai dookh paap kaa naas – listening – pain and sin are erased. 

It was the listening to my heart and following my dream, which lead me to create Kundalini Yoga Spirit Journey's, I realised the importance of sangat coming together & embarking on these deep journeys of soul. That sometimes we need to momentarily step away to open deeper into our truth, to meditate in ancient surroundings, to sit in silence in the mountains & to laugh & dance under the stars.


I met the beautiful, generous human being, Parvinder Singh. He was born and bred in Amritsar, taught and raised by the last few masters who are no longer with us. When Yogi Bhajan spotted him doing seva as a young boy he instinctively knew the knowledge which had been bestowed upon Parvinder is given to very few. Yogi Bhajan sent him to Miri Piri, where he taught for eleven years, and now Parvinder continues to offer the teachings through his ashram in India, he also travels world wide sharing these precious teachings.

 I first met Parvinder Khalsa after I'd been recommended by a fellow kundalini teacher to reach out to him whilst traveling India. As soon as I met him I felt his incredible spiritual, compassionate soul. I learnt quickly of his upbringing, and extensive depth of study of Gurmukhi, Naad/Shabad Guru, Kundalini Yoga, Sikhism, Islam, Hinduism and Ayurveda.

“My soul settled in India when I met Parvinder Ji, his soul spoke to mine & I knew I was in the presence of a humble master.  His subtle yet powerful teaching techniques allowed me to drop my walls, to truly surrender, my heart completely opened to the teachings.. I had finally come home.”

It was this connection to the teacher who I resonated so deeply, which gave me an immediate calling to share this experience with Australian Sangat. It was time to gather our community together, to meditate in these incredible ancient temples, to be guided into practice, led deeper into these powerful teachings by Parvinder Khalsa, in his home land, India, where the art of deeply listening began.

We look forward to meeting and sharing this journey with you all into the scared sound of the soul - a journey to the heart of self, through the heart of India. A time to surrender, access your own sunia, time to serve, connect, to experience the divine Mother India, and the infinite oneness that lies within us all. 

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