What's the weather like?
It will be mild to hot weather in India in March, perfect for Ishnaan. As we will also be in Dharamshala in the mountains it can cool down quite bit in the evening. Please check the weather before leaving. You will need sunscreen,  a sun visor or hat and to stay hydrated.

What should I wear in India?
Our modest yogi clothes usually does the job!  Good walking shoes and a hat or sun visor are a must. For women, please dress modestly with respect for the culture. It is preferred to not wear tank tops and halters or shorts. Also when traveling through India it is best not to wear tight or transparent clothes that show too much skin or underarms. Instead wear loose fitting graceful clothing such as Indian Kurtas. Long skirts are also a good option. This is to not only show respect for the culture but to also not draw unwanted attention to yourself. For men, we suggest not to wear tank tops. Kurta shirts and T-shirts are fine. You will be doing a lot of Kundalini Yoga and meditation so we prefer white or light colored clothing. Also, head coverings are highly recommended. Be sure to bring a swimsuit as you can go in the river & swim at the resort.


All of our meals are vegetarian, Indian vegetarian. Any further specific food allergies and needs should be shared with group leader ahead of time.


Do I need vaccinations, supplements, or medicine?
Please speak with your Dr about possible required vaccinations

  Leading up to the Yatra please begin to take probiotics to assist the gut in staying healthy during your time in India. Whatever prescription medications you are required to take at home, please continue to take them while in India. Feel free to contact us with any questions.