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Excursions, workshops, relaxation and more.. 

Travel Schedule 1st Oct -18th Oct 2023 
17 night Journey into The Heart of India 


Rishikesh  Hardiwar  Anandpur Sahib Goindwal

Amritsar  Dharamsala



1st October  Arrive in Delhi and fly to Dehradun airport through the domestic airport. We will receive you at Dehradun airport to bring you to your hotel in Rishikesh.  Arrival welcome meeting, introduction of the team, program and discussion with questions/answers.  

2nd October Parvinder introduces you to Rishikesh, the sacred energy of The Ganga, and will lead a group Mantra workshop and meditation relating to Rishikesh's Ganga river & her incredible flowing energy. Later, visit Gurdwara and experience a group meditation and then in the evening explore the local market and view the spectacular nightly Ganga Arti, giving prayer & personal offerings to the Ganga.

3rd October Begin the day with Kundalini Yoga morning Sadhana then we take a group walking tour, visit Lakshman Jhula - the famous hanging bridge across the spectacular Ganga river and explore some ancient Hindu temples.

4th October Begin the day with Kundalini Yoga morning Sadhana - We then take a morning drive to Vashishat Cave where we practice silent meditation. This is an ancient cave where the great Sage, Vashistha, meditated . Enjoy the sacred space of Ganga under the mountains and be a part of a group meditation with Parvinder & Nirvair at this sacred place. You can then shop & explore streets of Rishikesh.

5th October Begin the morning with Qi Gong -We then explore other areas of Rishikesh- Visiting Parmath Niketan ashram then onto Hardiwar Arti for the evening to watch the famous spectacular Evening Arti.

6th October Begin the day with Kundalini Yoga morning Sadhana - We will then hold a group meeting, share experiences and answer any questions regarding the onward journey. We will hold a group meditation coming into the sacred space of the vibrating Ganga River and chant Mantra. 

7th October  Begin the day with Qi Gong - Then depart Rishikesh for Anandpur Sahib . Excursions to Museum and Gurdwara, Local area and evening group Naad meditation lead by Parvinder.

8th October Begin the day with Kundalini Yoga morning Sadhana - Then take part in Anandpur Sahib excursions & depart for Dharamshala. Visit the Dalai Lama temple where you will have an introduction to Buddhism, rituals and meditation.

9th October  Begin the morning with Qi Gong - Then journey to the breathtaking Dharamshala Norbulingka temple, followed by an afternoon Buddha meditation related to heaven on the earth.

10th October Begin the day with Kundalini Yoga morning Sadhana- visit Dharamshala waterfall and then onto the ancient Hindu temple of Shiva. Spend the afternoon exploring the wonderful market area of Dharamshala. In the evening there will be a group meditation and  sharing.

11th October   Depart Dharamshala for Amritsar. Arrive at the hotel, settle in and then be led on a guided tour of the Golden Temple where you will have an introduction to the root of Sikhism, rituals, ceremony and chanting, meditation and flow of union, oneness within. View the magic of the Golden Temple at sunset from the vantage of your Hotel rooftop.

12th October Begin the day with Kundalini Yoga morning Sadhana - Followed by a workshop regarding energetic channeling and how to hold the centre and keep the balance surrounded by infinite frequency. Later in the day we take a city walk and visit ancient holy shrines of Yogic life and aspects. In the evening watch a live Gatka show then Parvinder leads a Meditation workshop.

13th October   Depart to Goindwal Sahib for the sacred Goindwal Steps meditation. Here the Mul Mantra can be chanted on each step. Meditating at this sacred temple that Guru Amar Das built is a pilgrimage within itself, it is said to liberate the human spirit. Then take some time to rest & we  then return to Amritsar for a yogic Ayurvedic cooking class.

14th October Begin the day with Kundalini Yoga morning Sadhana - We will then hold a workshop on mantra on the spheres of the mind and soul. In the afternoon join Nirvair on a Kundalini yoga class.

15th October  Midnight Journey to the Golden Temple in Amritsar, during the Amrit Vela, a most sacred time to meditate. Kavalya leads an afternoon Qi Gong Class.

16th October Begin the day with Kundalini Yoga morning Sadhana - Take the morning for yourself. In the late afternoon visit the Golden temple and  meditate together inside. Parvinder will then share his story about being inside Harimander Sahib & the history of Gurus, this precious sacred space of vibrating light and love of Guru Ram Dass.

17th October  Depart Amritsar to Delhi via train and onto our Delhi hotel. Visit Holy shrines, Akshar Dham Temple and local markets.  

18th October Visit the Lotus Temple, market and return to the hotel. We will hold our final group share and say our farewells. You will then be dropped off at the airport (if you are flying straight out).




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