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𓆸 The medicine of Blue Lotus illuminates the deepest parts of ourselves, unearthing what is hidden + unconscious + bringing it to the light to be liberated + transformed - opening us to the gems of our hearts + souls.


Absolute Azure Lotus Pure Oil has a distinct aromatic and alluring fragrance that is both floral and slightly sweet. Its aroma is often described as ethereal, serene, and deeply soothing. The scent of Blue Lotus oil is believed to have a calming and meditative quality.


Absolute Azure Lotus Pure Oil can be used topically, internally, in a room diffuser/vaporiser, as a body spray, massage oil and in recipes. 


Calm your mind, go deeper into meditation, journey into the heart with this captivating aromatic essential oil.

Absolute Azure Lotus Pure Oil

Expect to ship by mid March
  • 𓆸 The value of the  100% Absolute Azure Lotus Nymphea Caerulea oil is intimately linked to its spiritual significance and extraordinary rarity.

    Azure Blue Lotus Absolute oil is a manifestation of profound spiritual essence, the extraction requires the devotion of One Hundred Kilograms of sacred Blue Lotus petals to yield a mere kilogram of the transcendent elixir.

    These ethereal flowers emerge from the primordial waters, unveiling their divine beauty for just 3 sacred days each year.

    The meticulous extraction process, coupled with the limited annual unveiling, imparts a sacred and precious character to this oil, making it a cherished conduit for spiritual exploration.

    The scarcity of this spiritual bloom intensifies the value of essence's exclusivity, imparting it with a unique and revered energy.

    Each bottle, adorned with a dropper, beckons those seeking a connection with the mystical and the divine

    One 15mL bottle contains approximately 300 drops.

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